We’re ending TheTwoPointOne

We’re ending TheTwoPointOne

By Stefan Bienkowski

As most of you have probably already noticed, the amount of articles and general content on the website has taken a drastic downturn in the past week or two and as such we felt it was important to point out that at the end of the month TheTwoPointOne will be coming to an end.


When we set the website up last summer we had a very clear vision of offering Scottish football fans something a little different from what the media currently provided. We wanted to show that there was more to the Scottish Premiership and the country’s footballing culture than quick hits, clickbait and the monotonous white noise of faux-drama from player and manager press conferences. We wanted to aim high and see how far we could go.


And the response we got was incredible. From day one we’ve been able to pay each and every writer, illustrator, videographer and any all-round freelancer thanks to the wonderful support we’ve had from our subscribers each and every month. On top of that we’ve managed to host three sold-out events in one of Glasgow’s most prominent venues, create award-winning documentaries and provide a level of coverage that we can honestly say we’ve been proud of from start to finish.


However, the world of media is a fast-changing one and within just the past 12 months we’ve seen the Scottish media morph and change for the better. Although we’d never claim to be the major influence behind these changes or perhaps even the vanguards of such ideas and methods, we’re delighted to see some of the biggest newspapers and broadcasters in the country embrace statistics, podcasting, video content and long-form writing. Scottish football has its swagger back and it’s no coincidence that the people that cover it have also upped their game. As such, we truly believe the demand for a website like TheTwoPointOne simply isn’t as necessary as it once was.


Some personal factors have also played a part in this decision. Niall and I have enjoyed running the website throughout 2018 but we’ve both seen our freelance work become more and more demanding over the past six months. So much so, that we’ve essentially seen our ability to run the website and continue our commitments to other work reached breaking point. Despite our best efforts, it has simply come down to one or the other and at the end of the day… we’ve got bills to pay.


Whilst trying to bring this egotistical ramble to an abrupt end, I’ll simply say that although TheTwoPointOne is ending we really would like to stress that we feel as though it has run its course, rather than suggest we’ve finally caved to economic or financial pressure. If this website proved anything, it’s that Scottish football fans do demand the very best writing and analysis and that there is a sustainable business model in going for quality over quantity.


What about my subscription?


All subscriptions will be cancelled over the course of this week. If you find yourself in a particularly unfair situation – i.e you took out an annual or quarterly subscription yesterday or over the past few weeks – please feel free to email me here and I’d be happy to sort that out for you.


What will happen to the website?


Although we’ll be taking down the paywall and will no longer be running the website with new content, we would prefer to pass it on to someone with the very best of intentions. Whether that be a group of bloggers who would enjoy writing about Scottish football part-time or as a hobby, or a larger media group that wishes to buy the property. We’d welcome any suggestions and if you think that sounds like you then feel free to fire me an email using the same link provided above.

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