How Sportscene became ‘relevant again’

How Sportscene became ‘relevant again’

By Graham Ruthven
Within seconds, literally, Steven Thompson has walked through the door, hung up his jacket and taken a seat at a computer, barely saying hello in the process. “Show me the Scott Allan stuff,” he directs the graphic designer sat beside him. Thompson isn’t being rude, though, at least not intentionally. In fact, it’s a moment

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  1. Good read. Always frustrated me that that the SPFL contract stipulates that highlights have to be shown after 6pm Sunday. This was suppose to be because Sky wanted to show a highlight show, but they never do, but the clause keeps on inserting itself into the contract. The SPFL need to tell Sky no, especially if they are not going to exercice their rights to host a highlights show.

  2. “The 39-year-old is having trouble working out the formation of a team he’s watching. A quick phone call to a key player on said team soon clarifies things. From that discussion, Thompson changes the focus of the analytical point he was going to make. ” To quote Steven Thompson – unbelievable!

  3. Agree with you Andrew, I hope in the next round of negotiations that the SPFL insist on BBC being allowed to air Sportscene on a Saturday night. Or indeed insist that if Sky/BT block this then they should show a highlights show on a Saturday evening. HD would also be great!

    As the article says though, huge improvement in Sportcene over the past couple of years. Would be great to get some highlights (even if shortened) of the big Championship games of the weekend.

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