How Kris Boyd became a hot take machine

How Kris Boyd became a hot take machine

By Graham Ruthven
Kris Boyd is a Scottish football legend. Nobody scored more in the SPL era than he did, not Kenny Miller, not John Hartson, not even Henrik Larsson. He’s won league championships, cups and, at his peak, was an important figure for the national team. Nobody really talks about all these things, though. That’s because Boyd

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  1. It’s an interesting subject. I think, in some ways, most of us are perhaps a little bit hypocritical when it comes to outspoken current players – I know I’ve complained numerous times about how you can basically predict what a player will say in their pre/post match press duties or on club media interviews.

    I certainly don’t agree with everything KB has to say (or the way in which he says it at times) but I do find it slightly refreshing to hear actual opinions from current players rather than stock, PR filled, pre-determained answers that reveal absolutely nothing.

    Perhaps there is a middle ground that could be exploited…

    1. You’re right, Jamie. There is certainly a balance to be struck. Boring current pros in the media serve nobody. What makes Boyd so compelling, for me anyway, is that I don’t believe he’s as naturally bullish as he is on TV and radio. Is he just trying to make an impression?

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