Introducing TheTwoPointOne newsletter!

Introducing TheTwoPointOne newsletter!

By TheTwoPointOne

On Monday, April 23 we’ll be launching our latest feature on TheTwoPointOne: a daily newsletter.


We know what you’re thinking. Every website on the internet bothers you with annoying sign-up forms and once you do exactly that they then spam your inbox to within an inch of its life. And in almost every circumstance it’s no more than a troublesome, direct route for marketing firms to get their products right in front of you. We’re hoping ours is a little different.


From Monday onwards we’ll be continuing our daily TL;DR news bulletins at 8am every morning but we’ll also be offering a newsletter of an almost identical format that also summarises the main news headlines in the evening too. So just when you’re stepping out of work or sitting down on the train home you’ll have a friendly, precise synopsis of what’s gone on in the world of Scottish football that day.


The newsletter will be a little more conversational and will also keep you up to date with what’s on the website that day, but most importantly it’ll do exactly what you love about TL;DR – tell you what you need to know, what you don’t really need to know and what you can quite comfortably ignore on the back pages.


So if that’s something that may interest you then feel free to sign up using the form below. And as ever, if you have any issues you can email us directly right here.


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