Here’s what we did this week

Here’s what we did this week

By Graham Ruthven

Crikey, it was a busy one this week. Didn’t Scottish football maybe feel like spreading the events of the past seven days out over, I don’t know, longer than seven days? There was just too much stuff. Too much.


On top of everything, TheTwoPointOne decided this would be a good week to host their first ever live event (because there was nothing else happening), looking at the future of the Scottish football media. It was held at Drygate Brewery, and some people turned up. Which was a relief.


Then, of course, there was the first Old Firm derby of the season. Some people also turned up to that, a few more than turned up to Drygate. So just in case you missed it, this is a run through of some of the best content published on TheTwoPointOne over the past week.

What is the future of Scottish football media?



It’s a debate that is often had on Twitter. But Twitter is a terrible arena for such nuanced discussions, so we decided to take it offline. What is the future of the Scottish football media? Does it have no future at all? Is its future bright? Or is it somewhere in the middle?


TheTwoPointOne held a live event at Drygate Brewery earlier this week to talk it over. Gordon Waddell of the Sunday Mail, former Scottish FA communications chief Darryl Broadfoot, Nutmeg magazine’s Ally Palmer and Alan Burrows of Motherwell FC joined us to provide their perspectives, with the discussion hosted by STV Sport’s Grant Russell.


You can watch the full video of the event above, or if you’re more of a podcast person, listen to it in audio form on Audioboom or iTunes.

How BT Sport changed the broadcast game in Scottish football




To kick off our week of content looking at the Scottish football media, we visited BT Sport. No longer the newbies of the broadcasting world, we wanted to find out how they have shaken things up in Scotland. And whether Chris Sutton and Stephen Craigan actually like each other off camera.


We spoke to all the on-camera talent, as well as some of the people who make it all happen behind the camera. Could BT Sport soon be sole rights holders of the SPFL and Scottish Premiership? They’re certainly doing their best to position themselves as the leading broadcaster of Scottish football.


Where do newspapers fit into the future of Scottish football?




Continuing our week of content looking at the Scottish football media, we decided to look at the newspaper industry. Mainstream media gets a tough time from Scottish football fans. They have found themselves the target of much frustration at the coverage of our game in recent years.


So where do newspapers fit into the future of Scottish football? We asked The Times’ Michael Grant to make the case for the survival of the print media in the game north of the border. It might be the case that we need the industry more than ever before.

Rangers were never going to beat Celtic, but Pedro Caixinha deserves credit




It was always going to be tough for Rangers to beat Celtic on Saturday, and so it proved. The champions cruised to a 2-0 win in the second half after a spirited display by the Ibrox side in the first half. But Pedro Caixinha should be spared from any criticism for the way he tried to get the better of Celtic.


The Portuguese got his tactics right, but in the end Celtic’s superior quality shone through. For much of the game, Rangers matched up with their city rivals, but as they tired things started to fall apart. So what does this mean for Caixinha going forward from here?


How Scottish football fans created a thriving alternative media



We hear a lot about a mistrust in the mainstream media from Scottish football fans. Whether that is fair or not, a thriving alternative media scene has sprung from that in recent years. It’s sometimes said that Scottish football has been slow to take to the internet, but that’s not strictly true. You just need to look in different places.


We spoke to the likes of the Terrace podcast to get their views on Scottish football’s alternative scene, also looking at fan-produced content and the rise of the use of data in blogging. Is the alternative now starting to inform the mainstream?


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