Here’s what we did this week

Here’s what we did this week

By Graham Ruthven

You’ve polished off the mince pies, you’ve finally shaken off the Hogmannay haze and now the blunt reality of the new year has hit you. Don’t worry, we feel it too. What’s worse is that there’s not even any football on to lift your mood.


Well, that’s strictly not true, of course. The Scottish Premiership might be taking its annual winter break, but there is a full card of games to be played in the lower leagues today. So get along and lend them your support. The pies are better at lower league level, anyway.


Despite the lack of top flight games this week, Scottish football has been kept busy by the opening of the January transfer window, among other things. And it has been a busy week at TheTwoPointOne too. Here is a run through of some of the best content published over the past seven days.




How Kris Boyd became a hot take machine



If there’s a story in Scottish football, there’s a good chance that Kris Boyd has an opinion on it. Indeed, the Kilmarnock striker has become a hot take machine over the past year or so. He’s had his say on Ian Cathro, on Graeme Shinnie, on Dundee United and pretty much everything else.


All this considered, it’s easy to forget that Boyd is a true great of the Scottish game. His remarks make the headlines more often than his goalscoring feats, despite the fact that he finds himself in something of a purple patch at the moment. Why does it have to be this way?




Get your Half Season Pass!




Everyone loves a bargain. And seeing as it’s the time of the January sales, we thought we’d make an offer to anyone who perhaps hasn’t been persuaded to subscribe to TheTwoPointOne up until now. One half of the season, five months, unlimited access for £10.


That’s a 60% discount on what you’d ordinarily pay. The offer won’t last forever and will only be available for a limited time, but for now the deal is open to everyone and anyone. You don’t need a bus card to get this discount. Sign up here.



What will Niall McGinn bring (back) to Aberdeen)



It’s official – Niall McGinn is once again an Aberdeen player. The playmaker is back at Pittodrie after a six-month stint in South Korea, with Derek McInnes welcoming back the Northern Irishman with open arms. But what will he bring to the Dons?


Niall Murray looked at McGinn’s statistics, highlighting just how productive McGinn was in terms of goals and assists in his last spell at Aberdeen. Just how big a boost will this signing be to the Dons in their efforts to secure second place?



Is it better to be attacking or defensive in the Scottish Premiership?



Most fans assume that it’s better, certainly more entertaining, to be attacking rather than defensive. But in the Scottish Premiership, which is more effective? Stefan Bienkowski looked into the statistics and charted some answers.


There would appear to be a stylistic split in the Scottish top flight. The top teams tend to play a brand of attacking football, while those near the bottom favour a more conservative style. Is this the sign of a wider trend? Or just coincidental?




Why Dundee can afford to lose Jack Hendry



Jack Hendry is a man in-demand this January. The young Dundee defender has been linked with a move to Celtic, with Southampton also reported to be monitoring his position at Dens Park. But the Dee shouldn’t panic. They can actually afford to lose Hendry.


While he might be one of the brightest young prospects in the Scottish game right now, Dundee have the capacity to absorb his departure, should it come to that. James Cairney looked through the statistics and came to some conclusions.



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