Depicting the beauty of Scottish football stadiums

Depicting the beauty of Scottish football stadiums

By TheTwoPointOne

Here at TheTwoPointOne we’re all about portraying the beauty and wonder of Scottish football. So when we learned of an artist attempting to depict every football ground in the SPFL in the wonder of colour we knew we had to get him on the website.


As such, we’re proud to present the work of Steven Stewart, who runs Scottish Football Stadiums Prints. You’ll no doubt have noticed his excellent work on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or through his own website but for the moment sit back and enjoy a selection of his work as he explains the idea behind it all.


“I run an in-house pension Scheme for a Theatre Company 9-5. So I’m pretty far removed from football. I just do them in my spare time and lunchtimes at work. I’ve just always been a doodler and a drawer, and I love football so I just tried to think up a way to combine the two. And for it to not just be about my team.”



“I have a direct stylus input graphics tablet hooked up to my desktop which allows me to draw/paint digitally. I use a program called Clip Studio Pro for the drawing and then Photoshop for putting the prints together in order that they follow a uniform look.”



“You hear the names of the other 41 grounds every week but I didn’t really know much about them. I just wanted to find out more about them all. I try and find out from fans of the clubs on social media what it is they like best about their home grounds. I then just try and source as many photos of that as possible and take it from there.”



“I want it to be what people like about their home ground. What they like about away grounds too. I’m a Brechin fan and the obvious thing about our ground is the Hedge. Everyone knows about the Hedge, and most Brechiners are amazingly proud of the Hedge.”



“That was my starting point. I figured if we have the Hedge then other fans must have something about their ground.  And they do! It has been brilliant finding that out. People love their grounds (except Clyde fans. I cannot get anyone to say anything good about Broadwood).”



“Anyway, we can be a bit down about our game and I just wanted to try and tap into what makes us keep going back. When fans have engaged with me you sense a tremendous amount of pride from everyone. Not just of the club or the ground but of the fans and the local area.”


If you’d like to buy any of these prints or one of your own club’s stadium you can do so on the online store at Steven’s website here.

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