What’s in a badge? Well, rather a lot of you’re a Scottish football club. It’s your identity. It might not make much sense to many others, with all its idiosyncratic, hyper-local features, but what does that matter? Your team’s badge is exactly that – your team’s.


Scottish football boasts some weird and wonderful badges, or crests if you’re a purist. Ships and animals and shields and mottos – they’re all in there, and all for specific reasons. They all mean something to someone. That’s the beauty of a badge.


And so it’s natural for clubs to plaster their home grounds in the design that marks them out from the rest. Some have stood the test of time, others haven’t. But each one represents the symbol of a fanbase, a community, a club. This photo essay is dedicated to all the bizarre badges across our country’s stadiums.

















Words by Graham Ruthven

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