A pint with OldFirmFacts

A pint with OldFirmFacts

By Stefan Bienkowski

If you’ve never heard of @OldFirmFacts1 then you really aren’t experiencing Scottish football properly.


Although Twitter itself is an unforgiving cesspool and should probably be avoided at all costs, it’s almost worth setting up an account just to exclusively follow this particular account. Let me tell you why.


The world of Scottish football is an angry one. Sure, we all have a laugh with our mates down the pub, but it seems as though every other facet of our national sport is steeped in frustration and straight-up aggression. The football phone-ins, the bitter newspaper columns, the tailor-made, fanatical podcasts and blogs; everyone is just screaming obscenities at one another in the hope that the other half will cave in. They never do. It’s perpetual. Like a curse.


Celtic fans now at the stage where the actual match is just the bit they have to sit through while they wait for the Rangers TV commentary to be uploaded

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) April 29, 2018


Yet among the seemingly unstoppable vitriol is one man – a charismatic diamond among the tone-deaf rough, if you will – that has not only forced us to stop in our tracks and have a chuckle, but has also managed something truly remarkable: he’s united Celtic and Rangers fans in a shared ambivalence towards the narrative that they must hate one another at all costs.


Indeed, through his daily jokes and gags, Adam (did you really think we were going to tell you his surname?) has reminded Scottish football that it may be pretty spectacular at abusing itself over and over again but there’s one thing we’re truly world class at: making fun of ourselves.


Where the former generation had to wait until Hogmanay for an episode of Only an Excuse to remind them that at the end of the day it’s just a game of football and to offer an olive branch alongside the champagne or a hug after Auld Lang Syne, the modern Scottish football fan gets a healthy dose of expertly-crafted comedy to keep them grounded.


Interim manager Jimmy Nicholl takes first training session with team pic.twitter.com/B486bmV07l

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) May 1, 2018


If these truly are the “Banter years” then OldFirmFacts perfectly characterises the absurdity of football in modern Scotland. Whether it be through a well-timed Graeme Murty joke or highlighting the latest conspiracy theory from a mad Celtic fan, Adam’s razorsharp comedy takes a mirror and points it directly at us. After all, he isn’t pulling these jokes out of thin air. They’re all references to the sport we adore. And with every joke he forces us to concede that it’s not really worth getting too upset over.


Recently we got the opportunity to sit down and share a pint (or two) with the man himself to discuss the origins of a Twitter account that now boasts over 40 thousands avid fans, how he constructs his comedy and the nature of the Scottish psyche’s unique ability to poke fun at itself.  


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