2017 – Scottish football in illustrations

2017 – Scottish football in illustrations

By Graham Ruthven

We believe Scottish football is beautiful. It’s a belief that is at the heart of TheTwoPointOne as an enterprise, and so over the course of 2017 we commissioned a load of art work from a number of different artists to illustrate that.


We had a Classic Kit Week, in which we designed a kit inspired by an old classic for each of the 12 Scottish Premiership clubs. We had Ronaldinho imagined as a St Mirren player (yup, a St Mirren player) and Artur Boruc as a stained glass window.


This is a run through of all the art work we have had on TheTwoPointOne since our launch on August 1. There will be much, much more of this over the course of 2018. Take a look and revel in the beauty of the Scottish game.











































TheTwoPointOne is a Scottish football site that launched on August 1. We wanted to give our national team a different sort of showcase. We had ideas that we wanted to put into practice.


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