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Everyone loves a bargain. And seeing as it’s the time of the January sales, we thought we’d make an offer to anyone who perhaps hasn’t been persuaded to subscribe to TheTwoPointOne up until now. One half of the season, five months, unlimited access for £10. 


That’s a 60% discount on what you’d ordinarily pay. The offer won’t last forever and will only be available for a limited time, but for now the deal is open to everyone and anyone. You don’t need a bus card to get this discount.


2017 was a big year for us. Of course, we launched on August 1 and have been really pleased with the five months of Scottish football features, mini-documentaries, data analysis and podcasts we have produced since. It’s been quite a whirl so far.


The backing of our readers has been crucial to getting TheTwoPointOne off the ground and we’re greatly appreciative of that. But we have even bigger plans for 2018. The more subscribers we have, the more we can do. There is a direct link between the two and so we need your help to get to where we want to be.



We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on over the next few weeks. For instance, we will be running a number of predictions for 2018 – a feature for each prediction. We will also be publishing photo essays, podcasts, video features and in-depth look at St Mirren, the club that has everything going for it at the moment.


We’re also working on some stuff that will be unveiled at a later date. We have listened to your feedback and suggestions and are now putting them into place. We’re really looking forward to showing you what these things are, but we’ll keep them under wraps for the time being.


Your backing allows us to do more, much more. We want you to feel invested in what we do and what we publish. We are always free for a chat by email or on social media. It’s important to us that there is a dialogue between our editors, writers and readers.


Please subscribe to TheTwoPointOne by clicking on whichever tier suits you below. The Half Season Pass will only be available for a short time so make the most of that while you can.




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