TheTwoPointOne Partnership Scheme

TheTwoPointOne Partnership Scheme

By Stefan Bienkowski

Although TheTwoPointOne is first and foremost a Scottish football website, it is also a business model that has since its inception gone against the grain in the modern, media market. Most people hate paywalls around the web but in our little corner of cyberspace we erected a space that we hoped could thrive with the love and support of the readers that enjoyed our work.


After just one year in operation, I can happily say that the support we’ve received from day one has not only been overwhelming but has allowed us to pay writers, editors, filmmakers, illustrators and many more to apply their craft to the Scottish game. We’re immensely proud of the work we do every day because each and every article, video, podcast or illustration only exists out of the love and support of Scottish football fans that want something a little different.


It’s with that in mind that today we’re proud to announce that we’ll be expanding our business model and the concept of fans supporting the things they love to a number of fan-run media websites, apps, blogs and podcasts from around the world of Scottish football.


So how will it work?


As a member of our partnership scheme, we’ll be offering readers, listeners or followers of any particular blog, podcast or social media account a 10% discount to sign up to one of TheTwoPointOne’s three subscription offers. Once they do they can then stick in the specific coupon code at sign up and 20% of that subscription fee will go to their favoured fan-run media each and every month.


The idea behind it all is to not only offer a discount to new audiences that may not have heard of us before, but to also offer any new punters the opportunity to support their favourite blog or podcast on top of taking out a subscription.


While there may be plenty of ways to raise funds online – Patreon, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, etc – we thought this deal would allow football fans to get two things for the price of one: a subscription to our website and the chance to support the excellent work done by fellow fans.


On top of these specific subscriptions, we’ll also be collaborating with a number of the podcasts, blogs and websites within the partnership scheme in the foreseeable future to offer even more to football fans around the country. With the added support of subscription fees each and every month we hope to see a number of our new partners branch out to live events, video projects and richer content for their fans. And we’ll be proud to support them along the way.


So who is involved?


The Hearts Review


Despite the size of Hearts’ following in Edinburgh and across Scotland, it’s actually quite hard to find a good podcast on the Jam Tarts. Fortunately, we have The Hearts Review to keep us straight. Although they may not push out episodes as often as some other fan podcasts, they make up for it with some wonderful Twitter videos each week and outstanding episodes on Craig Levein’s revolution at Tynecastle. If you’re a Hearts fan we can’t encourage you enough to go give them a listen and if you’d like to support them sign up with the coupon code: heartsreview.


Hibs Talk


Across the capital in the distinctly greener part of Edinburgh is of course the Hibs Talk Podcast. Famous for their analysis, banter and Gav’s big, ginger beard (people seriously recognise him at Easter Road) we couldn’t think of a more down to Earth and honest Hibs podcast to partner up with. If you’re a fan of the podcast and would like to support the excellent work the guys do you can do so by signing up with the coupon code: hibstalk.


A Red Point of View


Everyone knows the mainstream media are a front for central belt propaganda, so to offer genuine, fair analysis of Derek McInnes’ Aberdeen side we thought there was no better option than the wonderful Red Point of View magazine. Each quarter Ryan and his team put together a fantastic magazine on all things Aberdeen and we couldnt urge Dons fan enough to go support their fantastic work. If you’d like to do just that you can sign up with the coupon code: redpov.


Walking Down the Provie Road


Things aren’t going too well for Dundee at the moment but fortunately for the Dens Park faithfull there is an excellent podcast that offers all the Neil McCann bashing and support groups necessary for the season ahead in the form of the Walking Down the Provie Road podcast. Gary and the lads cover Dundee with an insight and passion unseen anywhere else and if you’d like to help them crack on you can sign up with the coupon code: provieroad.  


MFC Podcast/Well Society


Each Monday Andy Ross and the guys go through exactly what’s going at Motherwell in their fantastic MFC podcast. With strong ties to the Well Society initiative at Fir Park, you won’t find anything on the web with a stronger desire to support and discuss all things Motherwell. If you’d like to sign up with their coupon you will be directly funding the Well Society and supporting one of the most exciting fan-run plans in all of Scottish football. Their coupon code is: mfcpodcast.


Celtic NewsNow


Last but certainly not least, we have Celtic NewsNow. As one of the most professional apps on the iTunes app store, you’ll struggle to find an initiative that caters to the constant demands of Celtic fans. Either through the links in the app or by directly signing up with their coupon code, you can help support the only app and website Celtic fans will ever need to keep on top of all the goings on at Celtic Park. The coupon code is: celticnewsnow.


Why isn’t my favourite blog or podcast here?


Despite spending all summer trecking across Scotland and sitting down with the blogs and podcasts you see above, we simply never had enough time to reach out to every, single fan-run media group out there.


However, this is just the start and going forward we’ll be excited to welcome new partners to the scheme. If your favourite blog or podcast isn’t listed above or you run one that you would like to include in our partnership scheme then you can always reach myself at or simply fire me a message on Twitter right here.  

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